May. 18th, 2010

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Not the most conventional of ways to crop upon someone. But then Jack Harkness was anything but a conventional sort of guy.

There were many ways to communicate, of course, and some of those transcended time. That fact was hardly surprising to him, of course. But getting involved to the point of taking a small trip to the 80s wasn't quite what he'd expected.

And maybe that was why he wanted to do it so much.

So he took a leap from the city he'd been holding himself up in; somewhere in the 48th century, and took himself back to the 20th. 1983 to be precise, March 9th to be even more so. It wasn't random, of course, it was when she'd said to be there.

The 80s had been an interesting time for Jack the first time round; something of a transitioning period. Torchwood had started to feel almost less than a crutch and more like something that mattered. He'd spent a fair bit of time around London, of course, but this place in particular was new to him. Fenchurch, part of the City of London; the odd pocket of space that seemed to empty up after work hours, a ghost town on weekends and with pubs full of bankers trying to drink their sorrows away (time never seemed to change that fact, it just meant the sorrows were different ones).

It was a small little restaurant that he'd agreed to meet her in. 'Luigi's', an Italian with a colourful man behind the counter and an even more colourful mural on the wall. Jack spared a look at it, and an eyebrow raised. He said nothing.

"Get you a drink, Signore?" the man (Jack assumed Luigi himself) asked him from behind the desk.

"In fact, maybe you can. I'm looking for an Alex Drake."


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