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Note: This is the third and final part of the story set in the alternate universe created in the Doctor Who episode 'Turn Left'. Part one is here, and part two is here. I had originally not planned to finish it until tomorrow, but here it is!

"You're not experimenting on him!"

Jack bursts into the room uninvited and unannounced with a flustered Private Jenkins following steps behind him.

"Sorry, Colonel," Jenkins breathes, trying to compose himself.

Jack had stormed from the morgue, not caring to wait for the countdown before barging past the second door and setting off an alarm. He'd slammed the trailer door shut and he strode along until he'd found the most officious looking room and proceeded on in.

"I mean it," he repeats with anger, "you stop what you're doing right now and you leave him alone."

Colonel Mace bristles and stands up from his desk, he's not used to being challenged. 'Captain, what is the meaning of this!?'  )

Word count for this part: 1057
Word count for the complete story: 3784
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Note: This is part two of the story set in the alternate universe created in the Doctor Who episode 'Turn Left'. Part one is here.

The walk from the holding tent to the medical trailer is a quiet one. Jack is thankful for the military preposition not to make small talk. The walk isn't a short one and the security seems to increase the closer they get.

"Little extravagant to protect a dead guy, wouldn't you say?" Jack suggests to Colonel Mace, though he knows it isn't so simple. There are countless species and organisations that would like to get their hands on the Doctor, UNIT included. They aren't about to let him go, and that's a fact Jack is far from comfortable with.

At a desk at the bottom of the steps to the trailer Mace is approached by the soldier that collected Jack from the car. He speaks in whispered tones, but Jack makes sure he hears.

"Colonel, Sarah Jane Smith has arrived, she's currently with Captain Magambo. They're requesting your presence."

Mace glances his eyes cautiously towards Jack and back to the soldier beside him. He's less than happy with the idea of leaving him. Jack is a loose cannon, a fact they are well aware of, but needs must and he must do what he must do. )

Word count for this part: 1290


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