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Note: So this spawns from discussion over what if Jack found out about Lisa before Cyberwoman. What if under different circumstances Jack had agreed to help. How might that come about? This is how I think it might! Also, it's [livejournal.com profile] hofficoffi's fault.

It- she wasn't human. Jack couldn't see her as human. She was a machine, and she could kill. These things came up against Daleks and put up a fight; Jack knew just how dangerous that was.

Ianto was naive, Jack thought, to imagine anything good could come from this. A foolish idiot who could put not only them but everyone at risk. Jack thought he knew better.

A breeze seemed to circulate around the room, but from where it came Jack had no idea. It whispered around and mingled with the drip drip drip that was ever present in the Hub; like a signature reminding you where you are.

The body, the damaged half monster on the unit a few feet away started to twitch. Jack's back straightened a little but he didn't shift from his spot in the darkness across the room. He just watched. He wouldn't want to admit that he was scared of a thing like this, but he was. And somehow it appeared all the more terrifying when the humanity it had overtaken was so very visible.

It was wretched.

It moved again. A shift of muscle and metal. Jack moved too, stiffening his body and reaching like a gut reaction to cock his gun. It was already in his hand.

But then it moved a third time, and this time the fingers of the hand bent and turned, like nerve endings sending small electrical messages.

Its eyes opened. And Jack just watched.

It- she lay there with her eyes moving back and forth as though she were searching for something. But Jack was far from view and his only presence in the room was the way the air shifted around him. He had no intention of approaching the monstrosity in front of him. Not unless it was to dispatch it. He should have done it as soon as he entered the room. Why was he waiting?

He looked at his gun and turned his hand, pointed it out towards the bare stomach. The fragile skin.

And she spoke.

"Ianto?" Her voice was choked and strained. It was weak. And it was human.

The gun dropped down.

Jack didn't reply. He didn't want to converse with that thing. But lying there as she was, she knew someone was there, even in the silence. Some electronic awareness from one of her many cybernetic implants. Or maybe just that human capacity to know. But it wasn't human. It couldn't be human. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't even think it. )

Word count: 1619
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AN: This is written for the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] rude_not_ginger mun to hopefully put a smile on her face. It's set within the two immortals verse at some point in the future. It's a little silly, hopefully fun!

When people who are around each other a lot change how they behave with one another it can be hard for the people themselves to notice. After all, the people in question share company so much that noting the change themselves can be difficult, even if they're aware there is one.

It can be harder still when the pair in question are both very stubborn by nature. Stubborn to the degree that they will both (to anyone but themselves) deny that they have changed at all. Even if they're fully aware that they have.

So it's perhaps that stubbornness then that means the Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness assure themselves that nothing will be noticed when Martha Jones comes to visit. Well really, how could she notice something when there's nothing to notice?

But Martha isn't so foolish, and she notices. She notices before she even enters the TARDIS.


Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring.

Martha stands in her kitchen with her laptop open and her mobile phone to her ear. She waits.

Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring.


"Docto--," she stops. Frowns. "Jack?"

"Martha Jones. Voice of a nightingale! And that's me. Least last time I checked. This a social call or--"

Another voice chirps up from the background. The Doctor's voice. And Martha can tell even from the tone he's likely running around as though his feet were on fire.

"Is that Martha?"

"Yes it's Martha."

"Oh that's ni--- 300 meters to impact!"

Jack's attention returns to the phone. "Look we're kind of in the middle of something here but, is there something you need?"

She lets out a breath of a laugh. "Something in the water, Jack. I'm at Mum's. I--"

His voice cuts her off, "Yup, water, Mom's, got it. See you soon, Martha."

The phone line goes dead and Martha pulls back just staring at the phone. Well that was surreal. )

Word count: 3561
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Note: I wrote this little thing to counteract the fact I seem to constantly write angst. This is a little more fun and silly. It's set during S2 when Martha comes to visit. Torchwood go out to a karaoke night...

And thank you to [livejournal.com profile] rude_not_ginger for taking a look at it for me before posting!

"No," Jack said with an air of finality. "I've come this far but no, I'm not getting up there."

Ianto joined the table and set down a tray of assorted drinks before handing them over to their respective owners, and from the other side of the table Martha and Gwen were throwing each other conspiratorial grins.

"I mean it!" He told them with a finger pointed in their direction as he took the glass from Ianto without even looking at him. "You go make a fool of yourself all you like, but you are not getting me up there."

"Oh it's all right," Gwen said as she leaned back a little in her chair, taking a long swig from her pint, her eyes glancing back at Jack over the rim of the glass. "Jack's just nervous, isn't that right, Jack?" She smiled sweetly and lowered her voice a little in mock confidentiality to the group, "Worried we'll think he's not very good, you know how it is. Too chicken to prove himself." She glanced over in Jack's direction and back to Martha before the pair of them started giggling.

Read more... )

Words: 985
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This is the first ficlet for the 6 impossible things meme.

It's rather crackish, given the nature of the meme, and rather silly considering of course JACK LOVES COFFEE. But, here we go...

Jack secretly hates coffee as requested by [livejournal.com profile] hofficoffi

Jack Harkness was a seasoned liar. A professional, you might say... )

Word count: 496


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