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Aug. 17th, 2010 12:24 am
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Jack didn't sleep. Not one wink. It was a long night of lying there with his gaze focussed steadfast on a point on the opposite wall. As the hours passed he realised he could have mapped out the knots in the wood of the panelling. But then he probably could have done that anyway.

It wasn't new for him to lie like this, and so it was easy to lose sense of time. His only guess to it being some sort of morning was when he heard the door click gently as the Doctor left. He hadn't slept either, Jack didn't think.

More time passed, or so Jack assumed. He could have quite easily have stayed there.

But it was a smell that finally roused him. Something that smelt distinctly like... burning. He ignored it at first. But the smell got worse. And Jack realised, it didn't just smell like burning, it was.

So bursting into action, Jack sprung from the bed and out of the room, along the smoke filled corridor until he reached the kitchen, so hazy he could barely see. He pulled a handle by the door (he'd just installed that two weeks ago) and a purple foam rained down from the sky, dousing a fire that originated at the far end of the room.

"Doctor? What the hell are you doing?"
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