Apr. 9th, 2010

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It had been an interesting little trip to Boeshane for more reasons than one. Full of discoveries, both good and bad. But steps forward, and steps that Jack for now was at least optimistically hoping were positive. It was what allowed him now (redressed and cleaned) to stand tall, smiling, and allowing himself to be happy.

He'd never been here before. He'd been to the end of the universe, of course, but then time was funny and then this was here too. Must have just been a different part of the end of the universe, of course; a different corner.

He'd be here again, though, and though he might not realise that now, one day it would be so very important, and things that had happened would soon be happening, both now and a few thousand years away.

But for this Jack? Now? All he had to contend with was finding them a table and getting them a drink.

"Four course special," he said, gesturing up to a board in the corner. "Sounds right up our alley."

A server greeted them and took them over towards a table (table 42). Jack waited for the Doctor to sit before he did (after all, chivalry didn't have to be dead, did it?) He smiled at him.

"So, about this drink then?"


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