Feb. 12th, 2010

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Just a few things.

1) Thank you SO much to whomever left the secret in roleplaysecrets the other day, I've had a bit of a stressful week and it really cheered me up. ♥

2) I might be sporadic back and forth for a while. I've got a whole bunch of annoying stressful things going on and on top of that I've just found out I have to move house in 2 months, so I'm going to be busy trying to find somewhere to live. Ah fun!

3) Gally con in two weeks! So I'll obviously not be around while that's going on. Really looking forward to it. The timing isn't great with things going on now (see above) but despite that I think it'll be a break I really need. If anyone who is going to be there would still like UK centric things to be brought (Cadburys chocolate etc) and you haven't already let me know, please do.

4) With all the above going on I'm sorry if I drop threads or don't post things when I say I will. Even with things going on I want to keep up because seriously? This is my happy place, and it helps me even when I've got a ton going on, and I'll make every effort to keep things going.

5) And to that end (and quite in opposition to the above, I know) if anyone would like to thread with Jack or anyone else I write or have written, I'd love to hear ideas. Same goes for if anyone has any story ideas for me to write. Please to just drop me a line or leave a response on this post!

6) If you made it through all that, I applaud you. Have a cookie*.

*(Cookie to be sourced by reader).


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