Feb. 2nd, 2010

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A mattress lay in the centre of the room. A mattress, dirtied and old and stained with God knows what. The room had a faint whiff of something that was likely best not to investigate, and there was a constant drip from a leaky pipe in the corner.

"Here we are then."

Jack didn't even attempt to sound enthusiastic as he swung back the heavy metal door and locked it securely behind them. He was tired and worn and by now even this place looked vaguely appealing for rest.

The Master, however, was less than impressed. His face twisted in disgust and he piped up with sarcasm heavily heaped, "Oh the honeymoon suite! Really, Jack how charming of you!"

Jack simply glared. And so the Master continued.

"You might have put out a few flowers or some scented candles but I--"

"Stop it," Jack hissed.

"Oh someone's testy!" The Master smirked, he seemed more than a little pleased at the fact he'd riled Jack.

"You know we could have maybe even found somewhere half decent today. We could have made some headway on what we're actually trying to do. But no, you think a better way to spend time is blowing things up and drawing attention to us. If the government get hold of you what do you think they'll do, really? This isn't a game!"

But the Master was delighted. He just loved it when Jack was so frustrated because he knew (they both knew) there was not a thing he could do about it. )

Word count: 1128


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