Jan. 25th, 2010

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AN: This is written for the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] rude_not_ginger mun to hopefully put a smile on her face. It's set within the two immortals verse at some point in the future. It's a little silly, hopefully fun!

When people who are around each other a lot change how they behave with one another it can be hard for the people themselves to notice. After all, the people in question share company so much that noting the change themselves can be difficult, even if they're aware there is one.

It can be harder still when the pair in question are both very stubborn by nature. Stubborn to the degree that they will both (to anyone but themselves) deny that they have changed at all. Even if they're fully aware that they have.

So it's perhaps that stubbornness then that means the Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness assure themselves that nothing will be noticed when Martha Jones comes to visit. Well really, how could she notice something when there's nothing to notice?

But Martha isn't so foolish, and she notices. She notices before she even enters the TARDIS.


Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring.

Martha stands in her kitchen with her laptop open and her mobile phone to her ear. She waits.

Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring.


"Docto--," she stops. Frowns. "Jack?"

"Martha Jones. Voice of a nightingale! And that's me. Least last time I checked. This a social call or--"

Another voice chirps up from the background. The Doctor's voice. And Martha can tell even from the tone he's likely running around as though his feet were on fire.

"Is that Martha?"

"Yes it's Martha."

"Oh that's ni--- 300 meters to impact!"

Jack's attention returns to the phone. "Look we're kind of in the middle of something here but, is there something you need?"

She lets out a breath of a laugh. "Something in the water, Jack. I'm at Mum's. I--"

His voice cuts her off, "Yup, water, Mom's, got it. See you soon, Martha."

The phone line goes dead and Martha pulls back just staring at the phone. Well that was surreal. )

Word count: 3561


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