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When the Doctor dropped off Jack, Martha and Mickey it wasn't anywhere convenient. They may have just managed to tow the Earth through time and space but it seemed the Doctor still had trouble landing anywhere even remotely near where people needed to get.

That was fine though, they could let it go, and really by the time they'd noticed they could hardly complain; the Doctor after all was by then halfway to dropping Rose in another universe. He had things on his mind.

So Jack saw to making sure Martha and Mickey got themselves home safe (not that Mickey had a home here). They got on well. Very well, and Jack waved them off together as they made their way back to London and he prepared to make his way back to Cardiff.

Cardiff. Just thinking of it put a smile on his face. Back there, Ianto and Gwen and they saved the world. Two little people and without them the whole world, the whole universe would have turned to dust.

He didn't call to alert his arrival, he didn't even think about it, though perhaps he should have.

'Acquiring' himself a car he drove as only Jack Harkness knew how; too fast and too reckless. But reckless with excitement. The world had been saved, he'd seen the Doctor, he'd seen Rose. Ianto and Gwen were safe. This? Was a very good day.

There was of course a lot of things he wasn't aware of, such as just how close the Daleks has got to Torchwood. That they'd breached and that from beyond the grave Tosh had saved them once again. But these things he'd find out.

After a four hour drive and ditching the car somewhere near the docks, Jack made his way back to the bay. Back to the bay and back to Torchwood. The tourist office door was open, and that was strange enough, but when he saw the false wall still rolled back too, it was very nearly cause for concern. He wouldn't be worried though, he wouldn't let himself, not today.

The lift, when he got to it, he found wouldn't open. Stuck at the sub level. Annoying, but he could cope with that. So still with a spring in his step he practically skipped down the stairs.

Back to his world.
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Jack waits inside the entrance of the tourist office for the arrival of Torchwood Three's newest employee. This is anything but planned, an invitation on a whim after seeing a spark within the man. Something he can't quite put his finger on, but a spark nonetheless.

He hasn't told his team that they'll be having a new addition. In fact it hasn't even entered his mind to do so. But then he'll excuse himself for that (should he need excusing at all - which of course he doesn't believe he does) by saying it was quite late last night when he had the encounter with Ianto and the pterodactyl, and it is quite early now.

When Jack had returned to the Hub the previous night he'd spent hours re-reading Ianto's personnel file from Torchwood One. Everything from work performance to sickness record. It had to be said, he had quite an impressive track record. It makes him uncomfortable though, even now after he's offered him a job. Ianto is from Torchwood One, and Jack has done all he can to sever that connection. He had many an uncomfortable year under their watchful eye, and he's different, he wants Torchwood to be different. He wants it to be something better. He isn''t sure if that can be done with someone on his team who has Torchwood One's beliefs and values at his core.

He hopes he's made the right decision.
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Early last year [livejournal.com profile] hofficoffi and I started RPing out missing scenes on AIM that filled in gaps between the episodes, starting right at the beginning and working up between each episode. Now we've decided to redo some of that in journals and improve on what we had originally (or at least that's the plan!)

Gameplay will be tagged under the verse 'filling in the gaps' and also tagged with 'the redux project'.


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