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So I've seen various people discussing their characters recently and it's sort of spurred me on to write up a rant/discussion piece about my opinions on Jack.

There often seems to be some rather blanket statements applied to Jack, and the more I see some of them the more it makes me sad that they're there at all. It seems they range from misconceptions to the more extreme 'are you even watching the same programme as me'? This will likely be rambling as I think of it, but I'll try and address some of those and give my opinions on them here. I am also aware certain opinions or statements might go against each other, but then I don't think that matters; everyone has sides of their personality that clash, Jack included.

And a point worth saying, this is my own opinion. A character is open to interpretation, this is mine.

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ETA: Since I posted this there have been two more wonderful character discussion posts written and I thought I'd link them here.

[livejournal.com profile] hofficoffi on Ianto Jones.
[livejournal.com profile] alien_catcher on Gwen Cooper.
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Not the most conventional of ways to crop upon someone. But then Jack Harkness was anything but a conventional sort of guy.

There were many ways to communicate, of course, and some of those transcended time. That fact was hardly surprising to him, of course. But getting involved to the point of taking a small trip to the 80s wasn't quite what he'd expected.

And maybe that was why he wanted to do it so much.

So he took a leap from the city he'd been holding himself up in; somewhere in the 48th century, and took himself back to the 20th. 1983 to be precise, March 9th to be even more so. It wasn't random, of course, it was when she'd said to be there.

The 80s had been an interesting time for Jack the first time round; something of a transitioning period. Torchwood had started to feel almost less than a crutch and more like something that mattered. He'd spent a fair bit of time around London, of course, but this place in particular was new to him. Fenchurch, part of the City of London; the odd pocket of space that seemed to empty up after work hours, a ghost town on weekends and with pubs full of bankers trying to drink their sorrows away (time never seemed to change that fact, it just meant the sorrows were different ones).

It was a small little restaurant that he'd agreed to meet her in. 'Luigi's', an Italian with a colourful man behind the counter and an even more colourful mural on the wall. Jack spared a look at it, and an eyebrow raised. He said nothing.

"Get you a drink, Signore?" the man (Jack assumed Luigi himself) asked him from behind the desk.

"In fact, maybe you can. I'm looking for an Alex Drake."
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Follows this.

Jack slept.

Lately, he slept longer and deeper than he used to. His old lifestyle meant he always had to be ready, and many nights he'd sleep for a few short hours, if at all, and often times it would be days between getting to touch his head to a pillow. Now being Jack Harkness and being who (and perhaps what) he was, that was fine, he needed less; he managed. But now? Now things had changed. That wasn't to say they couldn't change back, of course. But things took time. Just like everything.

Through the night he woke. The Doctor was there at first, and then not. Dreams were not unusual to Jack, but here with the events of the last day or so they had almost slipped. It used to be he'd dream he was with the Doctor, and now he dreamt he wasn't. Worrying that the reality had been the dream. But then he'd wake and he saw the truth, and it was easier to drift off once again.

It wasn't a short sleep by any standards. And a good seven hours later he was waking up with his required rest under his belt. He was still settled against the couch with his head against his coat. Though the place that had held the Doctor beside him now was just more of his own body sprawled out and hugging part of the sofa itself. And over him, he was now covered with the Doctor's own outstretched coat.

Slowly, he opened his eyes, blinking them tiredly as he sat himself up. He looked around the room, again remembering where he was, and looked up, seeing the Doctor sitting not too far away.

"Hey," he said with a smile. He was still there. "Morning." He squinted. "I think?"
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Things that are rude: Going through other peoples RP journals and mining the icons because you can't be bothered to go and find your own.

People put effort into finding icons they like, and it really doesn't say a lot for you if all you can be bothered to do is nick those others have put thought into. Have a little originality and oh I don't know, a bit of etiquette and respect.



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I have tags to get to, but I've been crazy busy the last few days. Will get to them! But until that...

Go to my user pics and then pick:

1. Your favourite.
2. Your least favourite.
3. One that makes you automatically think of me.
4. One that you think I should TOTALLY use more often.
5. One that you don't get/needs more explanation/you have no idea why the hell I have it.
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Even Jack Harkness needed a hobby.

Okay, no, he didn't. He was actually quite busy. Too busy for a hobby, but he wanted one. Torchwood was all consuming, and it was important sometimes to have the odd thing to relax the mind. Of course Jack didn't relax his mind like most people, he relaxed his mind by reading a series of very interesting police reports from a D.I. Shipton about an old house in London and a series of events the year before.

Just a hobby, of course.

A hobby, that was, until Jack found the house in question had been purchased and was to be renovated and made into a museum of all things. It rang alarm bells, and though he couldn't quite pinpoint why, he wanted to take a look for himself.

So the very busy man did as all very busy men do. He delegated. Delegated and of course disappeared without much explanation to his team other than he'd 'be back in a couple of days'.

And there he was, back in London and breaking every rule in the highway code in his oversized SUV, careering far too fast and far too dangerously along roads that were never built for it. Wester Drumlins was his goal; the building in question. He was almost there but then there was a distraction (there's always a distraction). A little blip on one of the scanners. Something that shouldn't have been there. Probably nothing, but, well, Jack was certainly nothing if not curious.

He could make a slight detour.

The blip, though, seemed to move. Move and it was something of a wild goose chase. Until it stopped, and Jack followed it until he was parking outside an unassuming little shop.

He climbed from the car, glancing just briefly at the sign above the door, and he headed in.

Inside, he glanced from side to side; headed forward and poked at a few packs of envelopes on a shelf. He glanced towards the till and nodded over at the girl there.

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Follows this

They had all the time they needed. And true, they did. And an evening that might be a few hours for some could be so much more for them if they desired.

And so, for once, they did. And they indulged in what was available to them. An evening in the TARDIS while she bathed in the sky. A night of simply being together, and sharing. A bath that lasted far too long and a massage that lasted almost longer. That and a bed and a good night's sleep for the both of them.

It was, just about the epitome of relaxing.

And the morning arrived and with it renewed energy and drive, and so, being the people they were, they just had to travel.

After all, the TARDIS needed a run in.

"You know I think this is the smoothest flight we've ever had," Jack said with a grin, looking at the Doctor over the console, one hand rested on his monitor. "All her vitals are spot on."
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To all those I owe tags to, I hope to catch up with them tomorrow. If I miss you off, do please let me know! ♥

And in other news...


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"What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step. It is always the same step, but you have to take it." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 'Wind, Sand and Stars'

[Authors note: So earlier today I told [livejournal.com profile] elevenwho to write me Jack and Eleven meeting and silly thing that she is she obliged and wrote this lovely story here. It prompted me to want to write the story from Jack's POV, so here it is. I highly recommend you read that wonderful piece before this one.]

The Starburst System was a group of planets on the edge of a nothing galaxy, in a nothing area of space, and a long way from anything that was anywhere. It was the perfect place for Jack to hide.

So he thought.

Starburst Minimus was the smallest of the four planets in the system. Unremarkable, really, but for something of a tourist spot; a rainbow waterfall caused by a refraction in the light and a crack in the o-zone that positioned directly above a range of mountains and a flowing river.

It was nice, and something he might once have spent hours just staring at; marvelling at the wonders of the universe. But not anymore. The universe had lost its shine.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t healing, that time wasn’t numbing the pain of the things he’d done. In fact he was even managing to smile sometimes. Things were looking better, but that said, he was still tired, still old, and trying to find himself a new place in the world.

Everything took time.

It was seven months since he’d met a man in a bar, ushered there by an old friend. Something changed in him that day. It wasn’t something he even truly recognised himself, but it had happened, like the flick of a switch. A realisation that he wasn’t hated, and that he could still live, even if it hurt to do so.

So he was trying to live.

He started to travel again; taking in parts of the universe, and even if right now they affected him little, he hoped that would change. He had hope, and that was something. In fact, it was quite a lot.

On his second day on Starburst Minimus, Jack had found a library. )

Word count: 1473
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I should be packing to move. I am procrastinating so posting this instead.

My Jack related comments on Doctor Who 5x03 Victory f the Daleks...

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Pinned post for emails between Jack and Ianto. Individual threads will take place within this post.
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It had been an interesting little trip to Boeshane for more reasons than one. Full of discoveries, both good and bad. But steps forward, and steps that Jack for now was at least optimistically hoping were positive. It was what allowed him now (redressed and cleaned) to stand tall, smiling, and allowing himself to be happy.

He'd never been here before. He'd been to the end of the universe, of course, but then time was funny and then this was here too. Must have just been a different part of the end of the universe, of course; a different corner.

He'd be here again, though, and though he might not realise that now, one day it would be so very important, and things that had happened would soon be happening, both now and a few thousand years away.

But for this Jack? Now? All he had to contend with was finding them a table and getting them a drink.

"Four course special," he said, gesturing up to a board in the corner. "Sounds right up our alley."

A server greeted them and took them over towards a table (table 42). Jack waited for the Doctor to sit before he did (after all, chivalry didn't have to be dead, did it?) He smiled at him.

"So, about this drink then?"


Apr. 8th, 2010 11:24 pm
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So I was away spending an awesome few days with [livejournal.com profile] elevenwho and [livejournal.com profile] rude_not_ginger which I didn't mention (oops) but I'm back now!

Also, I know I'm behind on some tags in places, and utterly disorganised, so if I owe people stuff, please do let me know! I'm trying to go and catch up if I can.
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♡♥♡♥♡ RP LOVE MEME ♡♥♡♥♡

♡♥♡my thread♡♥♡

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Had Jack Harkness ever been asked if he would freely work with the Master the question would have been met with a laugh, and would he have been told that he himself would have freed him from captivity and kept him from the authorities he'd have expected the person he was talking to were mad.

Yet here he was. He'd freed him, kept him, and he was attempting to work with him. It wasn't conventional of course, not by any definition of the word. But it was all Jack could do. If the universe had lost the Doctor then he had to be found, and given all avenues had been exhausted, the Master might be the only man that could find him.

And so there was searching. Searching on Earth that proved fruitful for nothing but death. Disjointed bits of information dug up by them both and processed through the mind of a crazy man. Events that seemed to be punctuated only by the fact Jack would get frequently killed.

He wondered if it would ever stop. If it would ever change or get better.

But then it did change. Something in the sky and something out of sight. A trace. And in a snap the vortex manipulator that sat on Jack's wrist was repaired and they were no longer on Earth but somewhere else. Somewhere in the sky. A ship of sorts, a great metal monstrosity with old and flickering lights. Heavy walls and heavy doors and corridors that looked long and foreboding (not that much could be much more foreboding than the man that stood at Jack's side).

He glanced ahead down a corridor and took a long and laboured breath.

"Right," he said, looking at the man beside him. "Want to explain where the hell we are?"
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Relaxed was something Jack Harkness rarely felt. In fact the concept of relaxation seemed an alien one to him. But yet here he was, that was how he felt. The muscles in his body were looser than they'd felt in far too long, and pains that had held there through stress and worry had, at least for now, melted away to nothingness.

It was morning, and he opened his eyes to a world he'd come to find he liked. A place that while it was nowhere that he belonged, he'd been surprised to discover that there was a space for him. A welcoming space with a welcoming face. He wasn't sure if it was something he deserved but for once, for a time, he wasn't going to worry about that.

When he woke, beside him he saw Reinette sound asleep. It made him smile and he pressed a delicate and small kiss to the skin at her shoulder. He stayed there a moment, just smiling and watching, and he whispered to her, "I'll be right back."

And so he rose from the bed. His intent was to find food. He'd take a morning walk, just a short one in the pleasant summer morning that he could see filtering through beyond the window, and then he'd venture to the kitchens and procure themselves something.

His clothes were near, and he dressed in them, item by item and then his coat (as if he'd go anywhere without it), and out into the corridors and halls of Versailles he went.

He wasn't on his guard, of course, why should he be? Short of clockwork what need he worry about right now? And really, should he encounter clockwork, he'd merely turn it off. No, here he felt happy, he felt safe, and so that guard he had learnt to keep up, was down.

And so it was his downfall.

He found his way to the rear gardens, nodding politely to footmen on his way (people that usually he made no effort to even acknowledge). But they had noticed him. In fact they had noticed him long before he noticed them. They had been noticing him for quite some time. They had noticed him in gardens and they had noticed him behind closed doors. And Jack had no idea.

And he wasn't prepared.

Entirely unprepared for the troupe of guards that met him in the gardens. It was as though they had been waiting, as though they had sought him out (and they had, of course). And as strong as Jack could be, he was not prepared, and so he could do nothing when he was met with a blow to the head, and another blow that knocked him to the ground. Another and another until he felt metal shackles on his wrists held behind his back and a tear of fabric between his lips to quiet his shouts.

And he was taken away.
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How long does it take to tow the Earth home? Quite a while actually.

The TARDIS was full. Really full, full of people who had all touched the Doctor in some way. There were smiles and laughter and people talking. Two Doctor's rushing around the console. Two! People that had never met and people that knew each other well. It was remarkable.

Jack could feel eyes on him when he stood, and when he turned he'd notice those eyes belonged to one Donna Noble who waved at him with a little coy wave (or at least he suspected she thought it was coy). It was an occurrence that repeated itself no less than three times. It was somewhat unnerving.

As time went on people seemed to spread out, filling the halls and corridors of the familiar TARDIS in ways Jack had never seen. It felt right in a way Jack couldn't truly describe.

He watched. Watched Martha and Donna and Rose.


Rose who he'd expected never to see again. Rose who over all those long years he'd thought of just as much as he'd thought of the Doctor. Rose who he'd watched as a little girl, falling off her bike and scraping his knee.

Rose who in all the flurry, he'd been unable to catch even a moment with.

Ad so when he saw her take her leave from the console room and turn down a corridor, he followed, and when there was fair distance he stopped and he cleared his throat from behind her.

"So do I get a hello?"

OOC: Back!

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I am back from LA and in the UK once more!

Had a brilliant week away and a fab weekend at Gally, even if it did go ridiculously fast! It was amazing to meet all of you that I'd spoken to before, and just as amazing to meet new people.

So! Back to writing and those things...
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Gally Hiatus!

So the time is here! I leave tomorrow for LA and for Gally! Not actually flying until Wednesday but off to the airport tomorrow afternoon. I might be around tomorrow night a little while (thanks to my wonderful TARDIS netbook), but if I am it won't be for long.

Other than that, I'll be mostly offline until Thursday 4th/Friday 5th March.

If anyone who is going there wants my contact details and doesn't have them, comment here and I'll give them over on a screened comment!


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